Why you should consider working and living in Great Britain

United Kingdom seems to be a really popular destination among people, who are looking for good career opportunities. What makes this country so beneficial for workers?

Good average salary

Not only will you earn money in punds (which has a really high exchange rate in comparison with many other currencies), but also – the average salary in UK is considerably high. If you speak fluent English – you can get a really well paid specialist job in your chosen career.

However, keep in mind, that a good resume goes a long way. It might be a good idea to use a special CV template, which will make your application look more professional. If you’re not very good at preparing resumes, but consider yourself a specialist – consider using professional help in creating a CV.

Many days of paid leaves

The number of free days you might take in a year vary in different countries. I.e. in UK, it’s 40 days of paid leave yearly. Eight full weeks of free time and a good salary do sound tempting, doesn’t it?

Also, the amount of working hours per week are different in countries around the world. In UK you have to work for 48 hours in every week in a full-time job.

Opportunity to get a permanent residency

If you’re planning on leaving your country permanently, United Kingdom might be a good choice for you, as it gives you an opportunity to receive a permanent residence. It takes some time, but after five years of working in this country – you are allowed to apply for a permanent residence. This way – you can work and live wherever you want – in the UK borders.

Social security for employees

If you are employed in UK, you can count on many social benefits, which are supposed to provide you with financial liquidity in many difficult life situations. I.e., there are benefits for parents raising kids, free medical treatment for both residents and non-residents (under certain conditions).

Keep in mind, that above mentioned benefits (and many more) are due to persons who have an insurance number. In other words – you need to start a career in UK to benefit from most of the programs.

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Not so far from home

If you’re not sure, whether you want to move out of Poland permanently, it might be a good idea to start a live in the UK. It’s only a couple of hours flight and you are back home – either to visit, or to stay. High wages, good benefit system and healthcare make Great Britain one of the best choices if you want to start a new live and earn decent money.

Remember, that a good resume can give you work. Headhunters immediately reject resumes with some of the mistakes many people aren’t aware of. If you want to earn good money and start a career, which will be satisfying for you – it might be good idea to ask for professional help in preparing resume.


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