Package Mattresses

One of the reasons that mattresses usually come with a box spring mattress and frame, or bed set, is because mattress companies actually want to make the sale. They know that mattresses cost a lot, and so they try to offer the best deals to customers. Companies don’t always offer both a bed frame and a box spring these days, however, and some don’t offer up anything at all.

During mattress sales, you will often see companies offer up a free box spring. Yet there are also frames people are buying these days that make it to where you don’t need a box spring mattress. It all depends on what you’re buying. In some cases, there are free frames provided and not the box springs, too.

When you look at deals involving free stuff, you want to still make sure you’re getting a good discount. Mattress companies could be inflating the prices on mattresses and then offering the free frame and box spring. When you walk into a mattress store, you are going to see the mattresses and frames together, unless you are shopping wholesale.

A furniture showroom has these beds displayed like that because they want you to see the complete set altogether. You will notice the nice frames are usually sold separately, so you’re not usually going to see a combined price. There are some beds, however, that do offer the combined prices, like platform beds, bunk beds and futons.

Platform beds are becoming more and more popular these days, as they are very modern and stylish. You might want to look at them because you can simply buy the platform frame and the mattress, one mattress. You won’t need the box spring mattress at that point, and you could save a little money on the package deal.

You are definitely looking for the best deal on a mattress set, and you’re looking to see what’s out there. You can check online first to see how mattress companies are packaging their sales these days. See what all you can find. I was really surprised by what I found, but I had to purchase the mattress in a box and the frame separately.

It was still a good deal, and I know you are going to find a good deal, too. Just realize that mattress companies don’t actually package the prices on mattresses and frames these days. In fact, they may not include anything with your purchase as mentioned. But then you still might get a great deal on that mattress set.

Don’t be so concerned with the package deal. Try instead to look underneath the surface of sales and locate the best overall deal on a new bed. Mattress companies will package their products to make them look appealing, and it’s often a sales tactic. Yes, that means they offer great deals, but you want to find the best deal. Here’s to you finding the best deal on a mattress so that you can set up your new bed at home.


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