Why Do We Get Hot During The Night

It’s something that happens to a lot of us. We may go to bed feeling comfortable and at a normal temperature, but we wake up at some point during the night and it seems like someone has turned the temperature up in the bed. Of course, in extreme cases there may be medical reasons for such a change in temperature, however, for now, we are simply talking about that common feeling of being hot during the night which many of experience. Let’s take a look at why it tends to happen.

Your Room May Be Too Warm To Start With

One reason that we get a surge in temperature during the night is that our room has been too warm to start with. Granted, it may have felt like a comfortable temperature when you tucked yourself in, but since our bodies are cocooned in a quilt, blanket or such like, it is only natural that we are going to start to feel warmer.

Think about if you are sitting on the sofa in your living room and you feel a little chill, what do you do? Often, you would take a blanket and wrap it around yourself. Ater half an hour do you still feel the same chill? Hardly! In fact, you may have already peeled the blanket off as you were starting to get too warm.

The same can happen at night. Staying tucked up for hours under a warming item is naturally going to make your body feel warmer. If your room was cool to start with this may not pose any challenge, however, if your room already started off too warm you are more likely to wake during the night feeling hot and uneasy.

Fleecy Or Overly Warm Nightwear

Another reason you may be getting uncomfortably warm during the night is that of wearing nightwear which is too warm. If you like to pull on a pair of fleece pajama pants and top before hopping into bed, you are not going to be doing yourself any favors when it comes to getting too warm under the covers.

To help your body to reguate its temperature during the night opt for fabrics which are cooler and feel good on your skin. Cotton is a good choice as it is soft to touch and is lightweight. Silk is also a very good choice as it has the ability to keep you warm if you get cool but also keeo you cool if you get too warm.

Indeed, we all love to get a good night’s sleep, however, getting too warm during the night can be destructive to a good sleep pattern. Understanding why we tend to feel overly warm at night can go a long way in helping to alleviate the problem. Remember, keep your room at the right temperature before you go to bed and make sure that you are wearing nightwear that will not contribute to the issue. In that way, you are setting yourself up for a great night’s sleep.


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