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An ancestral discipline from India, yoga is a true philosophy of life based on physical and mental training that contributes to the development of body and mind, and allows one to be in harmony with oneself, one’s loved ones, its environment and the universe.

The Benefits of Yoga for Employees and Employers:

The practice of yoga is beneficial both physically and psychologically and allows in particular to:

  • develop harmonious musculature by strengthening muscles including deep muscles,
  • improve flexibility,
  • make the spine work,
  • promote concentration,
  • relax the body and mind by relaxation,
  • manage breathing…

Above all, in the world of work, it relieves employee stress. Bringing yoga into the company’s daily life provides employees with practical tools to release pressure, focus, and relieve back or neck pain.

Indeed, employees spend many hours a day sitting at their desks and are often subjected to intense work rhythms. Now when the anxiety goes up, the breathing speeds up and the heart rate increases. Learning to manage your breathing and relax helps to calm your pulse, catch your breath and get rid of this anxiety. So employees learn to react more calmly and confidently by letting themselves be less overwhelmed by emotions. Moreover, on the postural side, yoga alleviates or removes back pain related to a bad position in front of the computer, migraines due to screens, pain related to carpal tunnel syndrome…

Another benefit is that practicing yoga with your work team helps to show kindness, gentleness to yourself and others. As a result, the collective spirit is strengthened in places that, by their nature, often favor competition and performance.

5 reasons to offer yoga classes for your employees

1-You take responsibility. You show your concern for the well-being of your employees. For sure they will thank you!

2-You improve the daily life of your employees. After several sessions, they feel better in their body and their mind, at home and at work! You re-motivate them!

3-You prevent occupational diseases, and therefore sick leave and absenteeism at work 

4- You allow your employees to create links between them. During the sessions they get to know each other, to understand each other. You promote a good atmosphere at work!

5- You enhance your image as an employer. Your employees will stay and you will attract better candidates because you will make a difference!


Yoga has many benefits, physical, mental and emotional. Here are 5 of the top benefits applied to the corporate world.

1- Yoga globally improves physical and mental health

2- Yoga relaxes the body and help mind to improve the stress management

3- Yoga, through targeted exercises, is indicated against back, neck and shoulder pain. And other disorders linked to particular working conditions.

4- Yoga allows for better management of stress and anxiety, teaches you to let go at work and take a step back.

5- Yoga improves the ability to concentrate and get a positive mindset

To take time for oneself, one’s health, one’s well-being, is to invest in oneself to be available to others and to be operational at work.

JoyCorporate Academy offers tailor-made classes and workshops for businesses. Offer the most beautiful gift to your employees is a healthy mind in a healthy body.


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