Laser cutting by most experienced and precise company based in Poland – ELEKTRON

Laser cutting is a modern method of cutting sheet metal as well as pipes or square profiles and tubes, which allows for extraordinary accuracy and precision. Currently, it is the most popular method of metal processing chosen by an increasing number of customers and producers. The laser cutting method requires the use of specialized equipment and a suitably qualified team.

What is the laser cutting method?

Laser cutting is a very common form of metal processing in many industries, ranging from the mining industry through automotive, and ending with the making of ornaments and various, often complex patterns. Thanks to its precision and accuracy, it is an ideal tool to be used wherever every millimetre of cut must be made with very high accuracy.

How exactly does the laser work and what can we expect from it? What materials can it handle without any problems? When is it worth using laser cutting and what advantages does it bring? ELEKTRON knows the answers to all these questions, thanks to many years of experience and practice in this service.

Cutting with a laser is one of the most accurate and precise methods of processing various materials, mainly metals. A laser beam is nothing more than focused light with a precisely defined wavelength, which, when it hits the cut element, heats the surface it comes into contact with, as a result of which this part is melted or completely evaporated.

Laser cutting of metal elements is often a very serious challenge, especially for inexperienced people. However, the situation changes dramatically when an experienced team of ELEKTRON experts is responsible for laser cutting of pipes, sheets or profiles, who know exactly what you expect, know the best methods and suggest the safest technological solutions.

Cutting metal with the laser method has many advantages. Among the most important, we can distinguish:

– express production of details – laser cut components are in most cases ready for use or installation right after cutting, without additional processing

– narrow area of thermal impact – high concentration of the laser beam minimizes the impact of the beam and the temperature it produces, without changing the properties and structure of the metal.

– repeatability of the process – the lack of physical contact of the cutting head means that it does not wear out during use.

– waste minimization – the possibility of optimal design of the cutting path and arrangement of the cut elements in the sheet in order to maximize the use of metal sheets

– the possibility of quick implementation of small-lot and large-series production – the ease of entering data and changing settings to the device allows production in both large series and individual ones.

Cutting intricate patterns.

The increasing popularity of laser processing is mainly due to the fact that it is the most perfect and precise method, allowing for quick and precise achievement of the desired shapes. Laser cutting is definitely the fastest production method in the field of metal cutting, while maintaining the highest quality of cutting. Laser processing has gained many enthusiasts among people involved in artistic blacksmithing, metal carving and the production of various, complex elements.This method of processing allows us to achieve aesthetic, smooth forms, in line with our expectations, and unlike other methods, it gives us the possibility of repeatability.

Laser cutting can be done with oxygen or nitrogen. When cutting with a laser, the beam first penetrates the material and nitrogen then causes a quick hardening at the point of cut. Nitrogen has a protective effect,  the cut site is fully protected.

Using high pressure nitrogen when cutting steel or metal parts with a laser has several advantages:

  • Nitrogen protects the metal from corrosion: no oxidation occurs on the metal
  • No further heat is generated by the use of nitrogen
  • We achieve a high-quality cut (clean cut)
  • A clean cut is facilitated by the following welding, paint coating or metal rubbing, the paint does not peel off the edges


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