how to remove gel nail polish

Gel nails are very durable. However, due to the fact that your nail is alive and growing, every 3 – a maximum of 4 weeks it is worth going to supplement the regrowth with gel. After this time, your nails may be more prone to fractures or damage, because the gel base will stick to an increasingly shorter base.

Do you know how to remove gel nail polish to keep your nails in good shape? Read more to find out about methods of removing gel nail polish and keeping your nails in good condition.

How to remove gel nails?

Prepare: sharp coarse file, acetone, swabs and aluminum foil, wooden spatula or flat-cut stick, nail polish. 

  • Gel nails must first be shortened with a clipper.
  • The next step is sawing. To make it effective, use a thick file (grain size from 150 to 180). Sawing itself requires time and attention, because often we are not sure where the artificial nail ends and our own tile begins.
  • Therefore, when sawing, you must be as focused as possible. Blow out pollen often so as not to miss the moment when a natural nail appears.
  • When you reach your own nail, remove the gel residue with a fine-grained file.
  • Then polish the nail plate with a special polisher.

You can also use a milling machine, but its operation requires skill and experience.

removing gel nail polish

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How does a manicurist remove gel nails?

At first, a specialist can slightly saw the gel with a coarse file or milling machine. After filing the appropriate layer, a gel with acetone is applied to the gel, which is wrapped in foil. Acetone dissolves the gel, which easily comes off the nail. Then the nails are polished and a basic manicure is performed. Finally, protect your nails with a regenerating conditioner and oils.

Strengthening nails after gel

Aloe vera for nutrition of nails

Aloe has a number of wonderful properties. In this case, we will use it to improve the condition of nails in a short time. For the treatment we need: a tablespoon of aloe vera gel and 3 drops of olive oil. Mix the ingredients thoroughly until they are completely combined. Soak a cotton swab in the mixture and lubricate the nails with it, leaving the agent to be completely absorbed. Repeat the treatment as desired.

Natural oils for nail hardening

Although all oils are effective, we recommend almond one. Prepare a dish with two tablespoons of almond oil mixed with two tablespoons of olive oil. Use a cotton swab to ‘paint’ your nails and let them dry. Repeat the treatment up to 3 times a day.

Garlic to cure nails

The smell of garlic may be unpleasant for some, but sometimes it is worth sacrificing for beauty. Into a glass of water, put a few finely chopped garlic cloves and let stand for a while, then dip the nails in it for 20 minutes. Repeat the treatment 2 times a day.

Rosemary to strengthen nails

For this recipe you need: two tablespoons of rosemary and a glass of water. Cook both ingredients for 5 minutes, then remove from heat and leave to cool for a few minutes. Pour the decoction into the bowl and soak the nails in it for 10 minutes. Repeat the procedure twice a week.


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