How to make hair grow faster

Each of us’s hair differs in thickness, porosity, general condition and growth rate. These factors are genetically determined, and lifestyle, diet, general health, daily hair care, cosmetics and preparations have a great impact. The rate of hair growth is a consequence of the physiological hair growth cycle – the stage of anagen, i.e. intensive hair growth, is of key importance. Sometimes the rate of hair growth is not satisfactory – can we then accelerate the hair extension a bit? Are there effective ways to accelerate hair growth and to notice the appearance of so-called baby hair?

How do hair grow?

Hair grows in several stages:

The first stage of growth lasts from two to six years, then new bulbs are formed and the hair does not stop growing. At this stage, hair growth is a continuous and continuous process. 90 percent of the hair on your head is going through this phase right now.

Then there is a transition period of two to three weeks, during which the hair does not grow. Hair growth is temporarily stopped.

At the next stage of rest, the hair stays on the head for the next nine months, and then it is replaced by new hair growing back from the same bulbs.

Hair growth is therefore a continuous process and is influenced by a number of negative factors: stress, mental effort or hormonal disorders. All these elements affect hair growth and can slow it down.

growing hair

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How to speed up hair growth?

Try oiling

Home treatment called oiling is the answer to a damaged, dried hairstyle. Harmful UV rays damage their structure, significantly deteriorating the condition of the hair. Because of this, they are brittle and do not want to grow, and at the same time begin to fall out excessively. What to do to accelerate their growth? Make sure to apply an oil mask from scalp to tip at least once a week before washing. For this purpose, coconut oil, olive oil or argan oil will work – these fats strongly moisturize and rebuild the protein bonds found in the hair! After just a few treatments you will feel the difference!

Egg masks

Egg masks are the most common and well-known method of strengthening hair. The most commonly used egg-honey combinations, with the addition of olive oil or olive oil and yoghurt. For oil and yoghurt, add only yolks to the mask. Proportions of ingredients used in a 1: 1 ratio. There should be one tablespoon of honey, olive oil or natural yoghurt for one egg. The ingredients should be mixed well, applied to the hair and after a few minutes washed off with lukewarm water. It is a really effective conditioner that has a beneficial effect on the hair surface.

Say “stop” to silicones

You already know what you should include in your routine to improve your hair condition. But are there products that are better to give up? Enter skincare cosmetics with silicones on the blacklist – at least for a while! This chemical ingredient, although it guarantees the desired effects, loads the hair and blocks the hair glands, which in turn delays the growth. Treat your hairstyle to detox and put on organic products based on herbs, oils, natural extracts. Thanks to them, effectively cleanse the scalp, giving the hair freshness, power and glow!


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