how to love yourself

There is probably no person in the world who has no objections to himself. You think you are too fat, too thin, not intelligent, not very witty, lazy, old, ugly, average – we each have our own list of complaints. And there is only one way to effectively improve your life status – you need to love yourself. Accept your drawbacks or, better yet, make them good. It is difficult but really possible. And above all necessary! How to really love yourself?

Love your own imperfections

Everyone has their weaknesses and many people try to work on them. The whole trick in loving yourself is to accept that you have flaws. Some things – such as intelligence, natural talents, temperament – are simply innate and you cannot change them. Therefore, focus on those aspects that you can actually improve (they depend on you).

For example, there is no point in fooling yourself with the thought that with an introvert you could – like a magic wand – turn into an extrovert. Yes, you can work on greater freedom in social contacts, openness, but it is unlikely that you spend a whole day with a large group of people feel great, energized and like to be in the center of attention.

Better focus on what you are good at than conflict with your innate limitations!

loving yourself

Have some self-respect

It’s self-acceptance, faith in your own strength and the ability to enjoy your life – that is, the basic needs of each person. Mature love is therefore not the same as accepting yourself as you are, or gaining better self-esteem. To love yourself, you must constantly think about yourself positively. Also when you cannot accept some of your features and behaviors.

Be honest with yourself

If you know that you don’t like something about yourself, try to change it. How? You must be honest with yourself. Be able to find the courage and find not only advantages but also disadvantages. Once you know your strengths, you will feel greater confidence, a surge of strength and joy, and this in turn will strengthen you in difficult times, help you survive and mobilize you to action. You can also turn a weakness into an asset. Failure can motivate you to change your life. It is worth making such an examination of conscience, because the truth sets us free. Someone who learns the truth about himself, but does not accept it, can easily fall into a state of bitterness, discouragement and even despair. 

Start loving yourself today

Mature love to yourself is, therefore, something more difficult than being selfish or self-enemy. The egoist makes no demands because he is convinced that he is perfect. In turn, the one who hates himself thinks he is too weak to achieve anything in life. Therefore, a man who wants to truly love himself should constantly work on himself. How? Praise yourself. Have confidence in your own abilities. Enjoy yourself – without feeling guilty.

We hope that our guide will come in handy when you’re in doubts. You have only one life, one life only. Spend it on loving yourself!



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