How to lose weight in a week

Wondering how to lose weight in a week 3, 5 and even 10 kg? Diet and exercise will be your greatest allies, but even with their help, losing weight in such a short time without health consequences is not possible. Find out how to lose weight in a week and find out how many kilos you’ll be able to lose in 7 days.

Can you lose weight in a week?

The answer to the question of whether you can lose a few kilos in a week is one: of course you can. But first: will it be effective and lasting weight loss? Secondly, more important: will it be beneficial to our health?

It all depends on the individual approach to the process of losing weight. If we put health first, we will not lose many kilograms, but what we lose (0.5-1 kg) will be a safe dose for our body and prevent the yo-yo effect.

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How to lose weight in a week?

It will be very hard to lose weight if the menu does not disappear fattening snacks providing empty, worthless calories.

Radical diets that are designed to help you lose weight quickly are always free of all unhealthy snacks – they just have to completely disappear.

Drink a lot of water. Mineral water, of course still water, green tea, herbal infusions. You can drink it all literally in unlimited quantities. Solid hydration means that we have a more full belly. We do not feel hunger, and by the way we lose weight. So drink a minimum of two liters of fluid a day.

It goes without saying that movement is health. Introduce at least two or three workouts a week to your lifestyle. It’s best to choose activities that burn fat quickly. Even running, swimming, roller skating, and squash will work.

What mistakes do we most often make during reduction?

Too much training

When losing weight, it is advisable to increase the number of training units to accelerate fat reduction. Unfortunately, some interpret it too bluntly and greatly exaggerate with training, increasing their number to even 6 or 7 a week! This puts an extremely heavy strain on our body, leaving permanent, negative effects on our nervous system and basic body functions.

Too little sleep

The right amount of sleep is the basis for weight loss. Unfortunately, the importance of sleep in proper regeneration of the body is increasingly underestimated. Opinions on how many hours of sleep an adult needs are divided. It has been accepted that it should be a minimum of 7 hours, but it is a highly individual matter, because each organism regenerates at a different rate.

Be careful!

What happens after losing weight too fast? The lost kilograms will return to it causing the yo-yo effect. What’s more, losing 2.5 kg in such a short time will be primarily caused by the loss of muscle mass. When a person does not eat and trains too much, the effects of his effort are just the opposite of those expected, because instead of losing fat, the main lose their hard-worked muscles. They feed on the malnourished and neglected organism, additionally storing fat, which is the body’s defensive response to too low caloric supply.


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