Each attempt to seduce a woman to be effective must be “on a level”. Representatives of the fair sex refuse to pick up mediocrity, are demanding, have specific expectations for men. Every man wants a unique woman, and seducing a unique woman requires effort – commitment and creativity. How to get a girlfriend? Our today’s guide is just about this.

How to get a girlfriend?

Work on your confidence

The first basic step to pick up a girl is confidence. A woman likes when a man feels confident and knows his value, because then he feels safe with him. The man should take the initiative and start a conversation with the girl he likes. Find a golden mean – you shouldn’t be too confident, either.

Pay attention to body language

Did you know that a person can articulate between 100 and 175 words in a minute? No? And the fact that at the same time can hear up to 800? Otherwise, if you hear 2,700 of them, let them fly, because they’ll talk to you to death. The conclusion is that during a minute talk with a long-legged beauty at the bar she has plenty of time to observe. So make her see a straight, smiling and confident guy.

getting a girlfriend

It is the sense of humor that counts

It is worth to amuse the woman at first, put her in a relaxed mood. Women love teasing, laughing and joking, so it is recommended that men make them laugh and provide a lot of fun. Flirt lets you build deeper contact between couples.

Are you even a bit romantic?

Women expect romance from men. They don’t always admit it, but everyone needs a small dose. How well do you do at your first meeting? Bring a flower to the woman! Not necessarily a rose, it can be something completely different. It will certainly be a gallant move. Compliments the woman – not too much, especially at the first meeting, because you can discourage her. Be caring – if you see a woman is cold, offer her your jacket. You don’t have to be romantic at every turn, but it’s good to show it at a low dose.

Build trust

In this step, it is important to discover similarities between each other. The same views, interests or opinions allow you to build sympathy for another person faster. If you find that you have a lot in common, you’ll want to get to know each other better and meet each other again.

What to remember when getting a girlfriend?

A man who wants to win the heart of his affection should remember that women usually like men who meet their expectations. This is a big challenge, because women’s expectations are very high. On the one hand, it can be frustrating and bothersome for a man, but on the other, it gives space for development, supporting own creativity, caring for self-esteem and a sense of masculinity. It is said that the original conqueror is slumbering in every man. And women are very fond of this male element. Evidence of evolutionary psychology confirms this. However, from research in the field of social psychology, as well as the experience of specialists working with people, one can draw conclusions about what else women like.


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