Patton & Patton has been providing software to create flow charts since 1983. Our specialty is flow charts, but you can also creates org charts, data flow diagrams, process mapping, estate planning, and more.




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Drawing programs are great for drawings.. but not for flow charts.

 If you are using a drawing program or some other program with "flow charting tools" to create your flow charts, try Flow Charting 6 instead.  We don't do office layouts or spreadsheet calculations - but we do flow charts like no one else!

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A Simple Solution

Flow Charting 6 is a simple solution to complex diagramming.  It helps you refine business processes with practical and friendly diagramming tools that everyone can use. Easy to learn basics allow you to concentrate on the work instead of the software. View the list of features.

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Fast Chart Creation

Flow Charting 6 makes the creation and editing of flow charts and diagrams easier than any of the typical drawing software programs on the market today.  With tools and features designed to assist in the creation of business flow charts, the program greatly reduces the time spent on diagramming. It includes templates for the creation of flow charts, org charts, data flow diagrams, process control charts and a variety of other business diagrams. View some sample charts created with Flow Charting 6.


Flexible Tools

Flow Charting 6 has a wide range of preferences, including custom templates and defaults that complement your style, making your work easier.








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Excellence in charting the flow of ideas!
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